Monday, 1 February 2021

I have had my Covid Vaccine

Like everyone I was so excited in December when the government announced the approval of the Pfizers/biontech vaccine. I finally started to see a way out of this pandemic. 

As a front line health and social care worker I was in group 2 in the waiting line for the jab. I waited patiently for the email with the details on how to book and when it arrived I booked my appointment straight away. I was surprised how many appointment were available. There was about 50 appointment for the next day and about 400 each day for the rest of the week. I was able to get an appointment for my next day off at a good time in a vaccine centre in the nearest city, about 30 minutes from my home.

On the day, my friend drove me and i headed into the centre. I went into a room where they checked my ID and my entitlement to a jab. 

Next I was lead to a large hall were there was six rows of 6 chairs. It reminded me of when I sat exams at school! At first I was worried I though all these people were in front of me I would be there awhile but I soon realised that they were simply going down the aisles giving people the jab and many of the people sat there had already been jabbed and were waiting their 15 minutes to leave ( when booking my appointment it did give me the option for a private vaccination but I would have to go to a hospital about an hour away). 

First a doctor came down the aside and spoke to each person individually. He talked through the leaflet we were given and asked some basic medical questions. A few minutes later 2 nurses came down the aisle with their trolly giving everyone their jab. It was a little unnerving to see them travel down the aisle towards me but it reminded me of an air hostess!  

When the nurses got to me they were friendly and explained some of what the doctor had already said. I bearly felt the needle and was asked to wait for 15 minutes to ensure I didn’t have a reaction. After 15 minutes I left. 

The whole thing was very well organised and everyone followed social distancing rules. The staff were friendly and professional despite giving hundreds of jabs a day. 

Hopefully this vaccine role out will ensure that we beat this virus soon. 

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