Monday, 1 March 2021

How to Take Great Photographs

 Pictures express emotions and convey messages. And sometimes, a bad photo can convey the wrong type of message. There is no specific way to take great photographs, but mastering and practising basic photography tips can make a huge difference. Here are some basic things you can do to take great photographs; 

1. Learn the Basics of Composition

The composition is very vital when you want to take great photographs. Composition means arranging the elements within the frame of your photograph. I always recommend starting with the rule of thirds. Here, you divide your frame into three equal vertical and horizontal parts and position your subject on the intersection of the lines. This draws viewers away from the centre of the frame and makes your composition more interesting. Make sure you position the frame in a way that will make the image eye-catching.

2. Capture Interesting Lighting

The quality of your picture is as good as the quality of the lighting. Always use lighting to your advantage because good lighting highlights the subject and presents it in a good way. If you are taking your pictures in a studio, there are artificial lights that are used in studios. Outdoor and landscape photography will require natural light, and if there is no good light, you might have to come back. The best time to take outdoor and landscape photograph is a few hours after sunrise or just when the day is beginning to end.

Avoid using direct flash or built-in flash because they can cause red-eye, flatten the image entirely, and can cast a shadow in the background.

3. Exposure

Exposure is significant because it determines the degree of brightness or darkness of your photograph. Exposure is one of the things you will have to master correctly to ensure that your images are not too sharp or too dark.

4. Focus and Clarity

This is where photography can be a little bit tricky. Have you ever seen pictures that were so blurry you wanted to scratch your eyes out? Blurry images are so unattractive and unprofessional. One of the basic things in photography is learning how to create a focus on your frame to attract the viewer. Focus on a point and build the entire picture around that point.

There are many reasons why you might be taking photographs that lack clarity. Some of the reasons include; slow speed or focusing on the wrong place, etc.

5. Beware of your Background

Be conscious of what happens in the background. Anything that makes the background to look cluttered with distractions should be removed because they can prevent the viewer from enjoying the subject. Before you take your photograph, inspect the background and foreground to make sure that no contrary details are ruining the photograph. These small details highlight the difference between a professional and unprofessional photographer. These details could be a trash can behind the subject, an ugly pole, a fraction of a leg, etc. All these things can ruin a photograph. Always make sure that the background complements with the subject.

6. Be Creative

Sometimes you have to be creative and explore with your mind. Putting in thought and quality in a photograph usually draws the attention of the viewer uniquely. Be sensitive to your surroundings and be creative!


It takes practice to become a master in the art of photography, and sometimes you will have to be flexible. Sometimes you might have to climb trees, squat, lie on the floor, or get on your knees to achieve the right frame and composition. The golden rule is to do anything to get that right angle!

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