Thursday, 1 April 2021

Introducing Matilda to Harry Potter

 I love Harry Potter. I remember fondly getting the first 3 books for Christmas when I was 8 and then being gifted the other books upon their release.

 I remember one of the books was released a week before I went to New York and my mum getting it for me thinking it would be perfect for the long airplane ride only for me to finish it the night before we left! 

By the time the films came out I was a year younger then Harry and really enjoyed watching them.  Every birthday and Christmas I got Harry Potter themed gifts such as a new school bag with the Hogwarts logo, new lunch box with Harry’s  face on and note books make to look like spell books. I remember one year really really wanting an owl for my birthday!

Although my obsession became less and less over the years, to this day I still love the Harry Potter series and I re-watch the films every year or so. Several years ago we did asked my Brownies what themes they would like for our Brownie Holiday and they requested Harry Potter so we spent a week pretending we were witches and wizards and doing magic themed activities. This holiday reignited my love for Harry Potter. 

This year however, Matilda asked to watch them with me. This got me excited as I was able to share something I love with her. 

We put on the first film and she was hooked almost immediately. She loves cats and so loved that the first scene contains a professor that can turn into a cat. As she loved the first one we put the second one and then couldn’t wait for the third film. We had issues with the fourth film when she misheard the title and thought they set a goblin on fire but once I reassured her it was a goblet not a goblin she was fine! We ended up watching all 8 films in about 3 days!  

Since watching the films she has become a full on Potterhead. She had completed an online quiz and was overjoyed to find she was sorted into Gryffindor house the same as her favourite character Hermione.  She has been brought some Harry Potter Lego and we spend hours together making the Knight Bus from The Prisoner of Azkaban. 

I’m so happy that Matilda has taken a liking to sometime I enjoyed as a child. Next I am going to dig out my old Harry Potter book as we all know the books are better then the films. 


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