Monday, 14 June 2021

Weekend away with my family

 Last weekend me and my family went to London. We used to travel up to London all the time however due to covid we haven’t been able to recently so I was really looking forward our little holiday.


When planning our holiday we decided to avoid all the tourist thing we usually do like the free museums and instead do things we have never done. Without all the international tourists, some of Londons top attractions are less busy. 

While researching the things we wanted to do, we came across something called the London Pass. The London Pass is a pass that once brought, you can download on your phone and get into over 80 of London’s top attractions. 

The London Pass was slightly reduced due to some of the attractions not yet being able to open. We were able to choose from a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, or 10-day pass and after looking online we realised there was a lot we wanted to do so opted for the 3 day ticket. 

Everyone chose a couple of things from the list that they wanted to do and me and my mum made a time time for the weekend and booked what needed to be pre-booked. We organised it so we would fit in a much as we could.

On the Friday we wanted to start with Westminster Abbey and we aimed to arrive at opening time. However in our enthusiasm to get there we arrived too early! So we visited Downing Street but sadly Boris was too busy having his breakfast to come out and see us! We then visited the grave of a Nazi dog named Giro that Matilda had seen on tiktok. 

Westminster Abbey was beautiful and as someone who is interested by history I enjoyed seeing the shrines. I was able to explain to Matilda who each of the monarchs are. 

After Westminster Abbey we jumped on the Hop on Hop off bus where we were able to learn a little more about London. Despite the rain we still sat upstairs and enjoyed it. We got off a St Paul’s Cathedral as it was included in our pass and mum has always wanted to do there. 

At St Paul’s Cathedral, we were able to hire a device that acted a a guide to give us more information. You simply touch the screen on the area you are in and it tells your more about the history and design of that particular section statue or decoration. This meant we were able to go around at our own pace and find out about what we wanted. 

After St Paul’s Cathedral we jumped back on the Hop on Hop off bus and enjoyed a picnic. After do the whole route we visited the Transport Museum. The museum was a lot more interesting then I thought it would be! It showed the development on the London transport system. We even got to sit behind the wheel of a London bus. 

After a long day we though shall we have a lay in tomorrow? No let’s get up early again and visit Twickenham stadium. This was my choice as was included in the pass and I am a massive rugby fan. We did a tour of the stadium and visited the rugby museum. I really enjoyed it and ended up spending too much in the shop! 

After Twickenham (and after I had changed into my new England Rugby top) we visited London Bridge. I had no idea you could go up to the top and walk between the 2 towers. Part of the floor is made of glass and you can see the road and water below!  After a short walk was visited the Shard where we were able to get some really awesome photos of London. 

As the Uber boat was included in our pass we decided to take a trip up the Thames. We got to see the sites of London and we all appreciated the sit down! We got off near the O2 arena and travelled back to the hotel using the Emerates Airline. 

On the last day we visited the Tower of London. Which again I loved because I love the historic side of the Tower, getting to see what parts were used for different things. Matilda loved seeing the Crown Jewels and had to visit them twice! 

After the Tower of London and a late lunch we did a spot of shopping because you can’t go to London and not visit the Lego store. We were all happy to get on the train home and have a nap. 

It was a long weekend and we did so much more then we thought you could fit into one weekend. The London pass work out to be very good value and we will definitely look into buying them again. 

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